Brazil, February 22, 2024

Exhibitor’s profile

Suppliers of products, equipment and services for beauty salons, esthetics clinics and spas participate in HAIR BRASIL:

• Companies that manufacture import and distribute professional products for treatment and hair-care, skincare, manicure, podology, hair removal and esthetics.
• Companies that manufacture equipment, instruments, devices and furniture for beauty salons, esthetics clinic and spas.
• Companies that produce cosmetics, makeup, perfumes, esthetics and therapeutic massages.
• Suppliers of accessories, uniforms, towels and linens for salons and beauty clinics.
• Suppliers of sterilization and toiletry products
• Companies and institutions that offer professional training and educational courses. 
• Companies specializing in architecture and setting up salons and beauty centers, 
• Companies specializing in management, IT and franchising.
• Manufacturers of packaging, raw material, technology, equipment and services for the cosmetics industry.

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